TC Catering specializes in Mexican Catering. Mexican food works with just about any occasion and we regularly cater events like birthdays, anniversaries, communions, baptisms, football games, soccer games, and other sporting events. There really is an endless list of reasons to call us to do your catering. If you have a need to feed a group of hungry individuals and partygoers, then we have a menu option that will work. Give us a call. We’d love to help make your big event memorable.

The Inland Empires Best Mexican Catering

We specialize in Mexican catering. Firstly, we order high-quality meat that’s fresh, and not frozen, so you get that tender and juicy taste that almost melts in your mouth with every bite. We cook the meat right in front of you and your guests so that it is hot right off of the grill.  Secondly, we use authentic Mexican tortillas that you would typically only find in Mexico. This means that the tortillas are made with grounded corn to achieve the most original flavors one would expect roaming the streets of Porto Vallarta. Thirdly, the salsas are made using an old family recipe in-house, not a store-bought salsa that’s been sitting on shelves for weeks. We chop the freshest vegetables to sprinkle onto each meal as requested by your guest because each plate is made to order. When you combined all of these unique qualities, then you get a restaurant experience at an affordable price delivered to your party.

Affordable Mexican Catering for Parties

There are many holidays and celebrations that would cause you to need an authentic Mexican-style meal. Cinco de Mayo is one time of the year we are almost guaranteed to be booked. Mexican and U.S. mother’s day…(which are typically held on two different days)…and father’s day are also very popular events that we are often requested on. There’s Mexican Independence Day, Easter, Holy Saturday, Palm Sunday, Benito Juarez’s Birthday Memorial, Flag Day, Day of the Holy Kings, and Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. No matter what you are celebrating, give us a call. We look forward to making your next gathering especially delicious.

Affordable Mexican Catering for Parties

Teo Flores, the owner of TC Catering, is proud of his Hispanic heritage. He comes from a home where tortillas were made by hand, and the ingredients were fresh off of the farm. He wishes to bring that same experience to families throughout Southern California. He attempted to do this by serving as a manager and lead chef at numerous big Mexican chain restaurants. Ultimately, his dreams were not realized because the food he was serving at these restaurants fell short of the quality he knew he was capable of producing. Teo came to the realization that all Mexican food here in the United States had one major flaw–authenticity. Eventually, Teo left these big box restaurants in order to share his skills, love, and passion for Hispanic food with you and your guests.

We Keep Traditional Quinceaneras Special

TC Catering helps to make traditional quinceaneras special. Many of your guests will remember the dress, the waltz, and perhaps the dance with the father. Few will remember the cakes, treats, or even the changing of shoes. Unfortunately, some will have difficulty remembering anything about that night altogether. However, everyone will remember if the food was bad. Hiring the perfect Mexican Catering company ensures that your event will be a success. We go to great lengths to make your guests feel pampered, special and appreciated. Give TC Catering a call. We’ll do our part to ensure your special quinceanera ceremony is a fairy tale night to remember.


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